The Staub Art Studio is a premier Maryland art school which emphasizes the technical skills of a traditional, realistic approach to art. These skills are the foundation from which a developing artist can build their own unique style. The Maryland art program teaches the use of proper shape and proportion along with strong compositional skills. As these elements are mastered, students are encouraged to explore the use of color, style and expressive line.

Our Maryland art school is dedicated to developing an artist’s talent. We offer personal attention for all of our students, from a beginner’s first efforts with graphite and charcoal to an advanced student’s detailed study of light and shadow using a painting medium. Hands-on practice rendering still life, landscapes and portraits with graphite, charcoal, pastels, oils, watercolor and acrylics opens the artist’s eyes to form. As the artist’s skill develops, more emphasis is placed on choice of subject and medium to encourage the development of a personal style.

In addition to classroom instruction, we also help young artists assemble quality student art portfolios that showcase their abilities and open the door to selective college-level art programs.

The Maryland art program at the Staub Art Studio is for all ages. We structure our courses around the different needs and learning styles of children and adults so that all of our students receive the attention they need to further their skills as artists. We offer courses in a semester format similar to the format found at a university art program.

The Staub Art Studio has two 15 class sessions each year in the Fall and Spring. We also have a short summer session with 9 classes. The Fall session of our Maryland art program begins in mid-September, spring classes begin in February and the Summer session starts in June. For young children 6 to 8, each class is one hour long. Older children and high school students are in class for one hour and forty five minutes, while our classes for adults are a full two hours.

Small class sizes, personal attention from expert instructors, full-service picture framing services, and a gallery filled with beach art make classes at the Staub Art Studio one of the best Maryland art programs.